i am not sure of what to fill you with especially when it comes to detailing about myself. so okay, back to basics, bridget jones's style:
no of husband: well... one of course. the only one hopefully dunia dan akhirat, cinta sampai ke syurga.
no of children: i've got 2 lovely boys...as for the moment until i changed my mind about giving them a little bro/sis soon ;p
no of top responsibilities: just finishing my PhD then go back to normal life!! can't wait!

a few things that i love:
my 1st car which i bought with every pennies that i worked for since june 2008
my LG cookies touch screen mobile phone, although its not anything near iPhone, i am proud of it :)
my sexy in red IXUS 220HS pocket camera who does its job brilliantly for me..
my DKNY and Radley handbags.. as i don't have to break the bank to buy them and anyway, who cares if its not Chanel's?
my Tommy Hilfiger glasses..which i need otherwise i can't really see, can i?
my YSL purse, which i bought in Milan, and its super expensive!
my Ecco shoes which are Goretex pairs, to survive me through the cold wintry walk to university..
my husband's Mercedez Benz E200 in black :)
and... my Electrolux AEG tall fridge-freezer heheh.. there must be somewhere that i could put all the food in right?