Friday, 26 November 2010

white wintry morning....

it has been snowing since last wednesday. alhamdulillah, we are blessed with yet another opportunity to enjoy the snow. i can't stand my boys getting cold hence the new wellies, woolly tights, gloves, scarves whatever you name it to equip them fully to be able to enjoy the weather!! tapi tak beli snow hat baru, yang beli kat tangkuban parahu were just nice to keep their mischievous heads warm! and...jeng jeng very own cotswold pair is arriving this monday!!! my partner-in-crime remarks were: "mommy is OTT...nak jugak beli wellie boots mcm adam harris!!"

believe it or not, i was desperately shopping for a pair..but everyone sold out on wellies for women...bhs, fenwicks, topshop, john lewis etc... so, i resolved on buying them online instead!! sangat jeles tengok pretty ladies in floral wellies by joules!! but, they are so common especially them turtle green floral design that i was put off to getting a pair of joules for myself. cotswold does good ones too so i bought mine in floral red design...can't wait to try them on!! apparently, they shipped it from reading, hence the monday delivery.

harris likes snow very much!!

our snow-covered garden

my fav snow-snap!
i am going to have great weekends with my boys in our snow covered garden sambil makan nasi ayam tomorrow!! you have great weekends too wherever you are!!

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  1. skype yok malam ni. kami nak tgk snow. hehe..