Friday, 31 December 2010

31st December 2010

Looking back at 2010...

  • gained an unacceptable 5-8 kg so have to let go most of my favorite shirts, jeans, pants, blouses, etc
  • scratched and broken my car bumpers twice in less than 6 months
  • been summoned for over-speeding twice which cost me RM300 + RM150, what a waste of money..
  • had the worst fever when my husband was away in Madinah for work... had my good friend Zarita to fetch my lunch to my house...
  • had the worst back pain that I could hardly walk, went to Kang Sheng acupuncture for back massage which really helped..cost me nearly RM200 for the herbal medications + 3x massages (the massage was really painful that I screamed ever so loudly that all the other practitioners can't help but to peek thru my cubicle curtain)...aiyaahhh.... rasa mau mati at that time, but, seriously, the massage worked wonders!!
  • my son Adam had a fall in his 2nd week at school masa baru masuk darjah 1...bruised his left eye (bruised read: sampai purple laa kaler around the eye!). the school rang, me and my husband dashed to school from work...and I was crying like a mad woman and saying something like "this is the 1st time ever that Adam sustained such an injury...we've been away in UK for 5 years, and he has been at nurseries, at childcare, with nannies...not once I have to bear such pain to see him injured...etc etc..." sungguh drama hari tu...
  • being away from each other for the 1st time ever in our 8 years of marriage when my husband was assigned to Madinah for 3 weeks... I was okay with the being away from him for the 1st time, but time nilah, I broke my bumper, I demam panas that my mom came over to watch my kids for me, Adam had high temperature, Harris not settling down, I have to entertain a guest professor from imperial college london, which altogether gave me a really hard time because there's no one there for me to vent out my feelings...
  • family wise.. we are now back in Newcastle upon Tyne, where the boys were born, where we first started our marriage life, where I obtained my Masters degree, where my husband were awarded his PhD, where we had our graduation ceremony together, where I have been able to just focus on my growing little family for the previous 5 years while we were here...I am so thankful to Allah, for the opportunity to be back in Newcastle with my husband and my two boys.. for my PhD, my husband's post-doctoral studies and for the boys to visit the place where they were born...I have even had a great reunion with my midwife and health visitor at our GP!!
  • been to various places for family holidays or as part of our conferences.. the boys have been with us visiting all the interesting places namely Sydney, Taipei, Indonesia, Singapore etc.. seronoklaa the boys every 3 months fly..
  • both my youngest sisters are currently studying for their 1st degree in UIA and UTM... I am a very proud big sister!!
  • academic wise.. won best presenter awards for oral presentation at international and national conferences, represent Malaysia to Sydney, my proposal secured an FRGS grant for reactor setup etc, doing my PhD internship in Newcastle University..looking forward for more molecular observations with my granular sludge..
This space will never be enough for us to list everything that has happened in 365 days. These are my major ones as my family and academic achievements are always my priorities of the year!! Goodbye 2010.. Alhamdulillah, you have been a rewarding year!

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