Tuesday, 19 July 2011

report card anak..

its the final week of school and did i expected it to be busy? no. last week was my twice parent-teacher meeting at both my boys' schools. kalau kat malaysia, masa ni kita amik report card anak. alhamdulillah, adam did very well for his first year at canning street primary. kat sini, takde A, B mahupun C... dan takde no 1, 2 mahupun 45 dalam kelas untuk anak2. everyone is different hence their performances were reported based on their unique personality and achievements especially for Year 1 and Year 2 children who belong to the Key Stage 1 (KS1) group. my eldest who was also in KS1, have been reported to have achieved the national standard of 7 years old achievement targets. which literally means, that he has been successful at fulfilling the requirements for being a year 2 child, nationally. mudah kan? he did very well in maths and science.. but is still improving on his english reading and writing. masa jumpa cikgu kelas pun best sangat2, cikgu bukan citer how he did his maths or science, but more on his attitude towards the learning process itself. my eldest is basically interested in everything that he's learning at school, is making lots of friends... cikgu sebut he is funny and tells lots of funny stories..made the teachers laugh at his jokes!!

then, jumpa cikgu my youngest pulak.. its his final weeks at akinson nursery school before he continues to reception class at canning street as well. the 1st and final pages of his report clearly stated..that he asks many questions.. hahah...as expected! he is not himself if he wakes up or goes to bed without asking any questions. yang susah2 pulak tu ye..like, mommy, how come when we lie on our bed for bedtime, the wall above us (the ceiling) doesn't fall on us? huh! perlukah mommy explain about the beams, structures, tiang rasuk bagai? another one was...mommy, you know the blood in our body.. does it make bones? and our bones, kenapa dia tak keluar2 macam yang skeleton kita tgk kat bookshop tu? haa.. and so many more questions lagi yg kdg2 mommy terpakse suruh dia tanye teacher je esok kat school gitu..report card my youngest berwarna warni, penuh dengan gambar2 aktiviti masa kat nursery. ini baru namanya dunia kanak2.. bukan umur 4 tahun dah boleh tulis a,b,c dan buat kiraan tambah tolak and markah 90% ke atas? (seriously, he git almost 99% marks for every subjects while he was at a nursery in malaysia and was only 3 yrs old at that time!). its not that i am not proud of his previous achievements...i was truly, but i can't see how could he enjoy his childhood when all he has to do was reading, writing and achieving excellent marks in exams at such a very young age. when children should be doing what children normally do.. play and learn at the same time :(   by the way, he loves reading books so much sbb cikgu suka bercerita sambil buat animasi dalam kelas. cikgu made learning as interesting as possible.takyah paksa2. he explored many things and his talents were very well developed while at nursery. he is such a confident, well mannered boy and has lots and lots of friends. despite my busy schedule at uni, i made myself presence for their sports day, summer parade, parent-teacher meetings, school uniform fashion show and i am attending my youngest summer picnic at the park this thursday! i tell my supervisor that i can't work at my best if my children complaints that their mommy doesn't understand the need to be a mommy at their school events and fetch them after school at the gates. he is a father to two young daughters too and the fact that his wife is a teacher.. alhamdulillah, i am lucky to have him as my supervisor..thanks to Allah for this meaningful gift.

i am at the moment, enjoying the report cards of my children here. i have had experienced a different, much more challenging report-card-situation in malaysia when my eldest finished his year one.. hopefully, i am more mentally prepared for future years to come dealing with education system in our beloved country..

ps: watching new york, i love you ..


  1. itulah different nyer education system kat malaysia...

    kat malaysia memang.. semua diukur dr A,B,C and 1,2,3.. walau xnak.. as parents have too.. sebab semua nyer compare each other.. :(

  2. hi noya, tulah kan? hrmm...balik mesia sok, nak taknak kenalaaa ikut sistem edu kita yg sedikit menekan tu. zaman kita sekolah dulu best jek kan? hrmmm