Saturday, 25 February 2012

perfect two

You can be the prince and I can be your princess
You can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist
You can be the shoes and I can be the laces
You can be the heart that I spill on the pages
You can be the pencil and I can be the paper
You can be as cold as the winter weather
But I don't care as long as were together

i think that this is a cute song. love it!!
my office-mate uses this song on her mobile for her incoming messages.whenever she goes somewhere without her mobile, and just so happen that there was an incoming message, i simply enjoyed the song while she was out. for example can be the chills that i feel on our first date..wuwuwuwuwu... dedicated to y'all lovebirds out there celebrating love anywhere :) 
also....don't know if i could ever be without you
'cause boy you complete me.. 
so okay, my first post upon hiatus is a teeny weeny bit melodramatic but all hecks break loose... lets just cherish me being a little romantic here.
cause you're the apple to my pie...
you're the straw to my berry...
we're the perfect two
baby me and you..

much love,

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