Friday, 11 May 2012

my PhD viva voce

Alhamdulillah, Friday 4th May 2012 marked my most cherished memory throughout my academic journey. all the years that i've spent studying and learning from kindergarten back in 1985 until PhD in 2012 holds special memories in each and every years in between too. my PhD viva voce went smoothly, as sharp and short like i've prayed for it to be. the examiners were prominent in their research field. excellent comments were generated during discussion which are all contributive to the improvement of my final thesis. my external examiner flew all the way from sweden and i am honoured to have him at utm johor bahru campus for the memorable occasion. being able to submit my thesis on time, i consider that as one of my phd proudest moments. amidst raising my two young children, looking after my growing family, extending myself between two three families, didn't seem to complicate things concerning my studies. there's no easy way in handling petty issues or making major decisions for the past three challenging years but... i always stick to my list. yes, i am a lister freak who lists everything and crosses several things accordingly! bet i am not the only one right? since january 2009 that is when i was officially registered for the phd beautiful journey, i breathed each and everyday not only with my heart but also with my soul, tears and laughter until last friday 4th may. i made sure that i can see some lights at the end of the tunnel every evening as i am leaving my lab bench or my desk. i went home aiming to cook my best capacity meals for my family, watch tv, do my movie weekends (i tend to do this alone after midnight), write something on here or do whatever non-phd-related stuff simply to enjoy my evenings with my family at home. it is important to have "separators" in managing our daily rituals. phd happens at university and in my office but at home i am a full time mom and wife and part time everything elses. at least i tried to do the above although i surely had my fair share of bad and best days during my phd course. all these "rituals" were coupled with the most important element including positive thinking, positive outlook towards life, and anything that bears the word positive in it! a positive attitude is very important in everything that we do. am sure everyone knows that mantra but not many practise what they preach! i wore a classic pair of old kurung dress in blue, with purple and pink flowers given by my good friend norakmal back in 2002 for the viva. teamed the pair with an electric blue tie-rack number and my most comfy black clarks wedge shoes and i was good to go! alhamdulillah all went well. i am ever so grateful for the gifts of knowledge. will write more on several things concerning my phd journey. until then, be thankful, be positive and have faith in Him, insyaAllah you will get there just fine.... Dr N Abdullah

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