Wednesday, 22 December 2010

End of year shoppings..

Everything is on SALE everywhere!! Hubby recommended me buying a few handbags for myself (yes, he does this sometimes especially during massive sales). In fact, he asked me to exchange a few newly bought handbags with on sales pretty Radley bags!! He knows that I love Radley very much. Truthfully, I've never dream of having nice, expensive, pretty things for myself (mcm Gaby cakap kat her biological daughter Grace in Desperate Housewives).. Masa kecik-kecik, I buat homework under the candles or lampu ayam. We did not have electricity supplies at that time back in 1987, when I started school in Standard 1. We were only provided with electricity and tarmac road in 1989. I believe some of you have had these experiences but I am sure that most of you were already blessed with electricity when you were born. Nevertheless, I have had the most memorable childhood ever.. reading my books before dusk, finished my homework under the candles and i really treasured my 12 Luna pencil colors that I won during the prize giving ceremony at the end of the school year. I don't know why I wrote this but I selalu bagitau my children of how important education is. How important to work hard and smart for their own bright future (and also to buy nice things for themselves)..Anyhow, I've been wanting this since Lancome produce this tapi tak ingat what year.

A vibrant, sparkling fragrance that opens like the dawning of a new day with fresh, dewy notes of Lychee and Freesia. Its spicy heart echoes with notes of Magnolia, Jasmine, Ginger and Pepper as its warm base notes envelop you in the sensual splendor of Amber and Musk..

A classic, romantic fragrance meant for every woman, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker blends a scent of pure innocence with the exotic nature of a precious oil. It opens with sparkling top notes of fresh Mandarin, Bergamot and radiant Rosewood rushing into Lavender and crisp Apple Martini. The middle notes blossom with exotic Patchouli and creamy orchid. The base notes are seductive and sensuous with Cedar, white Amber, sultry Musk and Woods.

I bought a Jasper Conran bold pink colour bag. Murah je in Debenhams. I just love the colour and the spaciousness for everyday use. I haven't got pictures for my Radleys just yet so watch the space (if you are a Radley fans, that is!)

I have a few things that I wanted for Boxing Day but I am not sure if I am going to buy them. There is this lovely dark red pair of Gabor shoes that I soo fall in love with yesterday at Charles Clinkard and at a reasonable sale price of less than 50 pounds, a Fossil watch, some more Radley bags, D&G watch, Tie Racks pretty silk scarves.. I have no intention to buying any clothing as I am not my right size at the moment. So, membazir je kalau beli tops, dresses and pants yang later tak boleh pakai (ni hoping to shed some weight off laa kan). Malu nak present paper kalau gemuk2 camni... tak lalu nak naik stage!!! So, kalau tgk2 my wishlist, tak banyak pun barang that I wish to buy and mostly are cheap and affordable and sooo me!