Tuesday, 14 December 2010

PhD meetings

Seronok dan tumpang bangga dengan kawan2, bloggers yang dah tamat PhD..tak kiralah study dalam negara atau luar negara. PhD journeys as many said are different from one another. Ada yang susah, ada yang senang. Susah masa belajar, viva in minutes! Senang masa belajar, viva took hours etc etc. As for me, I work around my kids! My whole world revolves around my two young boys... although hubby finished his PhD a few years ago, but he is still doing his post-doctoral at the same time I am doing my PhD, so it has been very2 challenging. When you could only spend limited hours at your desk, you will feel time-deprived. I always get myself caught in a situation where.. my sv asks.."yati, how about wednesday? is it a good day for a meeting?" despite me telling him almost everytime about my wednesday-day-off since harris is off  nursery school every weds, my old man keeps forgetting this very important fact which in turn, made myself appears a bad cop in the situation. uh uh..me not liking this!! and yet this happened again this afternoon! hmm.. nasib baik, my sv is a nice man. he has two young children himself and didn't expect me to be at my desk 24/7 as long I fulfilled his expectations and do my work and also be brutally intelligent at my writings! so, as a studying mom and wife, i have various expectations out of my little self... i also have a few personal drawbacks throughout my PhD journey! 1st, i gained a lot of weights since 6 months after I started up until now. semakin tembam x hingat okey!!! i haven't eaten extravaganza pon..macam biasa, but like they say, stress up, metabolism down. cuma I tak buat graphical presentation jek for this.. i wish i could. then, 2ndly, i develop skin problems (which i think many of you girls have).. due to stress, hormone imbalance etc etc. breakouts di sana sini. i am not usually the kind who needs facial, but i think i do need one now.  3rdly, my eyesight is worsening, without glasses and my new glasses didn't help either. must go to Specsavers tomorrow and get my eyes checked again.

Despite all these challenges, I am thankful and grateful to Allah for everything that I have now at 30. Its not long before I crossed the 'age' border, I have a good life, caring husband, lovely children, loving and supportive parents & parents in law, I have my big family all around me, my sisters and sis/bro in laws. Then, my very2 supportive PhD friends in UTM and NU. See, when you really think your life through, it ain't bad at all.

Next entry: I will be listing down my end-of-year wishlist!


  1. i will be listing down too.. my birthday wishlist. heehe.. :)

  2. ahhh bagus buat Phd before 30. Dah tua2 ni dah takde stamina dah nak belajar let alone dok kat meja ni berejam2. sakit belakang sakit pinggang sakit hati .. semua cukup hahah!

    I tell you tengok all my friends graduate makes me feel soo inadequate. but yet I have to pull through .. Phd is very hard! good luck my dear!

  3. k nana: thanks, i'll be 30+1 next yr huhuk..stamina pun kurang byk dah, xleh nak stay-up lagi mcm undergrad, kalau tak 3 days tak bermaya. we all will pull thru insyaAllah amin..and yes, PhD is very2 hard..