Saturday, 11 December 2010


1. After 18 years, I am reunited with my primary school class teacher, Cikgu Norzali Norudin who was on a Europe-UK 10-day tour. What could be better than such a wonderful meeting with my teacher in Newcastle upon Tyne during wintertime complete with white snow. Cikgu stayed for lunch at my house then, hubby sent him and his friend, Cikgu Azhar to Central Station for the night bus trip to Macnchester, meeting his nephew.

me, cikgu zali, ustaz azhar n the boys

2. I had my new glasses fitted at Specsavers recently. My eyesight is just troublesome! Can't even watch my favorite Friends series without having blurred vision everytime!! Specsavers is doing their famous 2 for 1 pair, so instead of getting just one pair of glasses, I get another pair for free. My everyday glasses is fitted with UltraClear - anti-reflection and scratch-resistant coating lenses (which is recommended by the respective optician) and I specifically requested Reactions - Photochromic lenses with 100% UV protection, in which both came at an extra cost of GBP30 and GBP49 each, respectively. Bersyukurlah dengan nikmat mata dan penglihatan yang Allah beri...kalau uols tak perlukan glasses or lenses ok.

my everyday glasses
my reaction glasses (hubby loves this frame)

 3. We had my friend S Henry for lunch today at our house. Cooked nasi ayam for her and we had an amazing time  chatting away about many things. She is a medical doctor and graduated from Newcastle University too. It's nice to have friends over for lunch or dinner sometimes...especially during winter like this. Friends come over and they warmed up your house with conversations, great company and laughter. Magical happy times!!

4. We went to Canning Street Primary's Winter Festival (Adam's school). Adam and I had loads of fun with all the games. 20pence for each game, oklah kan. Tak main semua pun sbb ada yg very girlish games..:P Paling best was, I won GBP25 of Iceland voucher yeay!! I beli raffle ticket for 20 pence, and it was a lucky number that won us the shopping voucher. Apalagi, lepas tu terus ke Iceland bershopping. The boys get to choose whatever that they wanted (mainly food items laa yg icy2 tower cakes, canneloni etc). Another ticket won us a box of environmental friendly stuff including energy saving bulbs, environmental board games, flush water saver, energy saving plug...mcm tau2 je we both graduate in environmental engineering..hence, the environmental theme lucky gift!!

the environmetal-theme lucky gift!

 5. I (think) am up-to-date with my first 3-month PhD progress in Newcastle University. I have:
  • My SV agreed on our Learning Agreement plans based on weekly meetings and progress.
  • Read some books on statistics, data analysis, ecology
  • Met RD, JB and Fiona for the purpose of  labworks, bionumerics etc.
  • Submitted abstracts for SET and IWAYWP UK
6. Hubby attended his PhD congregation at Newcastle University last 8th December 2010. He went with his lecturers and colleagues. I missed the occasion as had to fetch the boys from school at 3pm, while the ceremony started at 4pm. Plus, it is too cold to bring the boys out at such time. Most roads are also slippery and covered with snow. He had an amazing graduation photo! Congratulations hubby!

during our Masters congregation in 2004

6. The Christmas and New Year holidays are just around the corner. I've had plans (mostly shopping plans :P) with my boys. Adam needs new pairs of jeans and smart shirts, Harris needs a couple of new jumpers and a nice pair of shoes, hubby needs a warm hat, I need a haircut, facial,massage and a registration to Tony Ferguson weight management plan at Boots. Just in time for Boxing Day and new year!


  1. camne bleh terjumpa cikgu zali kat sana. best la datang time ni. tiket murah. ahaha..

  2. cikgu zali on europe tour with his work colleague. so, he travelled to london-paris-brussels-amsterdam-(via ferry) to newcastle.. tu yg jemput dia datang rumah, sbb cikgu zali contact me thru fb...