Sunday, 5 December 2010


the weekends have been great!! we had sunshine and snow... so, i have been out with my boys on both days. but eldon square was just sooo full of people i could hardly see anything on the shelves (this was saturday). today, we went out earlier... and i managed to see a friend, get a quick makeover with benefit makeup specialist, makeover my make ups as semuanya dah habis at this very same time, beli foot creams, beli tudung kat tie rack which was buy 1 get 1 half price, my boys got fruit shoot each and we went home happy.
we all had dinner at my good friend's house before we head home.gave the boys wash, tea and early bedtime. my botanic me-time, scholl, and now i am happily watching failure to launch of sjp & matthew mcconaughey...(am sure i spelled this wrong :P) to all my girlie friends out there (whether or not you are studying for a PhD), hope you've had great weekends and plenty of me-time too!

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