Monday, 10 January 2011

me-time and good food

i started new year with a healthy resolution: to lose some weight. i am rather proud of myself as i really can control my carbs intake and appetite. i haven't lose much but feeling myself much lighter as i religiously do my 20 min everyday walk to uni, does help me feels great and certainly boost my confidence! i could fit into those 10 petite pairs of black pants without much hassle (when i was trying out one in a fitting room at debenhams!). i bought a few things to complete my mission of at least 47kg (if not my post-baby weight of  45kg for 5 consecutive years)...

measures BMI, BMR, water and fat (%) too!
multivitamins, vitamin B6 & C, EPO
for my Herbalife shakes soon!
for my sweet potatoes, salmon & veg
now that i am all equipped with these towards-healthy-lifestyle gadgets..i must now focused and maintain my enthusiasm for my personal weight lost developments and progress! i've started about more than a month ago simply by cutting my carbs intake: replace potatoes with sweet potatoes, buy weight watcher's pasta sauce, stock-up my fridge with fruits and veg, Kellog's K for breakfast, NO biscuits or cakes or crisps, replace coffees/teas with green tea (which i like!), dinner by 7pm, 8 glasses of water (i even drink more), walk 20 min to and fro uni 5 days a week, window shopping for at least 2 hrs at weekends (or a visit to free museum with my boys), i use smaller plate size, if i take rice it will be 1/4 of my small plate portion... and finally, i really really watched what i eat everyday, making sure that the sum of food entails to my body's calorie needs. so, i weighed myself the 1st time last Friday.

friday, 7th January 2011
weight: 51.9kg
BMI: 24.5 (way to go!!!)

i am currently fasting. my meals for today were:

2 small soft buns + 1 bowl of clear soup (for breakfasting)
500mL warm water

in between
250mL warm water + an apple

1 small plate of spaghetti + low-cal pasta sauce with courgette, mushrooms & tomatoes with flaked grilled salmon on top
250mL warm water
250mL warm water (with vitamins)

1/2 mug of coffee + 1/2 sugar (runout of green tea)
2 bourbon soft cream biscuits (my 2 biscuits after more than a month! consider this a treat of all your friends will think that you're a freak!!!)
250mL warm water

i've read many other blogger's weight lost success stories and they've achieved their ideal healthy weight in 10 months or so. therefore, approximately the same for me too. wish me luck dear readers!!

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