Friday, 13 May 2011

a girl's must haves..

i've recently bought a new point & shoot camera. i love it to bits especially when it comes in ruby red color! i was in between Nikon D3100 or Nikon Coolpix series. after a lot of asking around, inboxing some of my camera-chic friends on FB and browsing the lots of reviews on cnet, pcpro and even face-to-face browsing and asking lots of questions at pcworld in northumberland street, i couldn't be happier and content with none other than my new IXUS 220HS. thanks to its super-pocket size and various functions that allow me to explore the basis of taking great ruby red will be accompanying me to my next paris trip at the end of the month (i know... a tad showing-off here but just can't help it!!!!)

my new IXUS 220HS
 since, i am not a gadget-y person, i realised that iPad or iPod is not really my thing-y? therefore, my next highly personal purchase would be a Toshiba netbook. i am currently looking at the newly released and 5-star rated Toshiba NB305  in mocha-brown color. superlight with a merely 10" screen. unfortunately, pcworld doesn't have the slightest idea of when the new baby is coming into store :( due to the current crisis in Japan :( so, i'll just have to wait and see lah kan?

i am not into any new handbag EXCEPT a personalised Longchamp complete with my initial on it..(you can do this with online purchase you know :)), not into any new shoes EXCEPT a new pair of trendy wedge Princess Catherine Middleton's look-alike that she wore on her last night as a commoner, at a fraction of her price of course, not into any new books as I haven't even flipped my newly bought Jodi Picoult's with absolutely no-time whatsoever to spend on drowning myself into fiction's fantasies, not into any new clothes BUT ohmygucci!! isn't that summery top in M&S are soooo pretty?? and... I've just made a LIST of affordable IKEA stuff for our new little nest bearing the codename wisteria lane ;p.

so much so..i am not into eh?

lots of luv and shiny sparkles..
am going to bed to avoid troubles
me and puffy eyes we want NOT inseparable!
my pretty girl friends.. you are all so adorable
i now shall stop with my babbles..
lets not worry..i'll see you all again
in a few days..
less than a couple!!



  1. Hii..
    Seriously I have no idea how the longchap bag look like when we personalized it!!! If u get ur bag, plss share it here (hope u don't mind)

  2. hai..owh its a tad small initial on the clasp, doesn't really shout yr name kat situ (i think, based on the preview pic)..don't know when i am getting mine though as i've just bought another bag...