Thursday, 26 May 2011

i wish...

its one of those days when i feel a little bit under the weather :( which i do not like at all! i am stucked at home with my laptop on obviously my lap ;p. wondering if i should do some work but instead here i am!! a day of laziness (bruno mars has a song called the lazy song and i am sure my boys would love the clip, the dancers were covered in monkey-lookalike masks!). when people said nasty things to you and there's not much you can do but to swallow every words, you'd feel a million times worst. in addition, when its raining outside.. you could almost say it to the world that your heart is drenched in your own hidden tears :(

i know, its so melancholic isn't it? or is it not to you considering the perfect life that you have. i am more than grateful for everything that i could wish for in my life, alhamdulillah. this happens sometimes and you can't run away from it. this utter negative feelings that keeps bugging you and testing your patience everytime. you wish you could run somewhere simply nice and safe but then you realised that you could run but there's nowhere to hide. you'd be found eventually and there.. thats how i am feeling right now. i soo wish, i could dance in the rain, run in the park, climb the highest mountain, be far and away.. i wish..i could be lost and never be found..

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