Tuesday, 24 May 2011

PhD bukan bakat, PhD adalah hasrat...

hello..please excuse the why-so-serious title..can't help it! alhamdulillah, i managed to successfully conduct my fluorescent in situ hybridisation experiments today. it took me approximately 6 hours in the lab to finish everything. outside in newcastle was raining cats and dogs but, that doesn't hinder my spirits to finish this small task before my london-paris trip this weekends and the following week. emailed trevor and asked for an appointment to view the images. i am praying really hard in my heart that the fluorescent work will give me great images!! ameen.

went home past 5pm to yesterday's leftover dinner i.e. lamb biryani, squids curry and spiced fried chicken. hence, no cooking today..just microwave everything, get the boys to shower and change into their pajamas, family dinner and chats, an hour TV with my eldest then he is off to bed, now left with my youngest who will be off nursery tomorrow (his nursery school closes every wednesday) watching the film Eraser. busy schedule eh? thats how i believe other PhD-reading-moms are like all over the world. i am not sure about you, but, at least this is how my daily routine looks like. nevertheless, i've never regret myself taking this exact path as.. this is my long time hasrat. hasrat untuk belajar sampai ke peringkat PhD, insyaAllah. i am not afraid to admit that i am not designed for this..but, i am very grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to read PhD, which is not easy you know what with family life, a working mom, a devoted wife etc.

i was washing the dishes when this priceless thoughts came to my mind. PhD bukan bakat, PhD adalah hasrat. we do not require any specialties to do a PhD. however, smart planning is essential. before i began this journey, some of my friends told me that they regret having had to obtain a PhD. they discouraged me from doing it. when i first started, i cried for two weeks, not knowing where to start or what to do. for the first six months, my reactor didn't work. nothing was in place. nevertheless, i learnt from my mistakes. i thrived and survived. ask lots of questions. see too many strangers who later became my new good friends. read too many journal papers which subsequently improved (if not much, a little bit) of my technical writing skills. get myself introduced to the real academic world. attended great conferences. made new acquaintances. all of these.. are among my hasrat beneath pursuing for a PhD. to improve. to know that i am learning each seconds during the years to become somebody better in various perspectives. the best thing is... PhD is never a standalone work. its a major cooperation. and i mean M.A.J.O.R.! hasrat menjadi seseorang yang berilmu dan dihormati atau disegani, bukan kerana mendapat segulung PhD, but more to the lessons learnt along the journey. this reminds me of the first words of wisdom by my supervisor; i will be guiding you through this beautiful journey, insyaAllah... he calls it as a beautiful journey. i think so too... :) beautiful journey indeed!!

last but not least, semoga Allah makbulkan hasrat ini. ameen..

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