Monday, 20 June 2011

happiest father's day

hello everyone! okay, hari ni mood i sangat2 best. hence, all seriousness aside. i have read somewhere that we are not supposed to celebrate father's or mother's day. and i must agree that in the uk, mother's day actually relates to mothering sunday, which have something to do with  their belief specifically. however, i do buy cards and made a mental note (mental note read: set reminder on my phone, laptop, diary, twitter) to wish my mom happy mommy's day. niat i bukan mothering sunday ye (nauzubillah...) but as the whole world anticipate the day with the special person who hold you close to their heart forever since you were conceived and lent you their uterus for at least 9 months and 10 days, i couldn't bear the thought of my mom is feeling left out when every other moms got their cards, wishes etc. moreover, cards sold here are very2 nice, soo lovely that they become irresistible to my pound sterling!! 
anyway, the same goes to father's day. dah lama i tak bagi gift kat my lovely partner in crime! we were browsing at boots and he was so taken with the newly released Armani Sport Code perfume. he was surprised when he got it yesterday! and buying it from boots, i dapat a nice complimentary handbag. oklaa..bolehlaa i buat isi my water bottle, my packed lunch for work kan?
i bought a card for my hubs...tapi kan, time i bagi tu dia cakap i kalah!!! sbbnya, adam dah bagi his handmade card dulu after school when he fetched him earlier on. you see, i terpakse balik lambat that day because i have a mini-symposium at uni :( anyway, it doesn't really matter as father's day is supposed to be between daddy and the boys, right? and i love adam's card as it is simply him! love the orange-coloured tie.. and he wrote the card himself...tapi, takleh lagi nak sleepover okay darling.. its not the right time yet..:) to my Abah and my father in law, Papa, happy father's day to you both with lots of love from Newcastle.

so, how did you celebrate your father's day?


  1. hihi.. takde celebration pon.. belum bergaji. hehehe... cuma wish aje kat abah

  2. takpe..its the thoughts that counts!