Thursday, 23 June 2011

events at cassie building

last friday was the celebration for the 60th anniversary of environmental engineering department in cassie building. my supervisor has arranged for an individual meeting for each and everyone of us with professor emeritus david jenkins, who was also an alumni of our department. he graduated from newcastle university with a phd in 1960. it was such a great honour! i did a poster to commemorate the celebration day and it is currently standing proud on our hallway of fame featuring other posters and published papers by students and staff in the department. apparently, my supervisor in utm is newcastle's alumni, so does my husband and myself. i did my masters dissertation with our late professor ken anderson, who was also the phd supervisor of my phd supervisor...get it? kira i ni dah generasi kedualah gitu kan... anyway, so proud to be environmental engineering's and newcastle university's alumni!

today, another event took place in cassie building. the postgraduate (PGR) conference 2011. i participated in the oral presentation alongside my other phd colleagues. mine was a last minute preparation. nevertheless, i presented my published study which was okay...considering that i've read and write it over and over again. alhamdulillah, it went well for me. made many new friends. the lunch was great! they provided a good selection of vegetarian sandwiches and finger foods. how lovely! enjoy the pictures and hope you all had a great week too!
me and professor emeritus david jenkins
me and dilla of upm
with fiona and pat
my supervisor
my poster
me and biate


  1. i miss conferences...dunno if I'll get a chance to attend one again...sighhh~~~

  2. hi izza.. you are always welcome to IWA YWP conferences.. esok2 kalau ada yg best2 k yati invi you k..

  3. cantik beg biru itu. hehehe..