Tuesday, 28 June 2011

its summer time!!

yesterday was really hot! i left all the upstairs windows opened until today. literally i didn't actually close them. think my house deserves some sweet breathe of fresh air after being shunned from the outside world since we moved in last september. my husband being super-coherent about ventilation and its cousins.. is very rajin on opening windows, hoovering the carpets etc etc. not that i am complaining but it could get unexpectedly cold during the night even in summer. not to mention the sporadic shower surprises whenever i forgot to bring my fold-able raincoat in my school bag! hujan rahmat..tak baik complain taw taw...

i am helping my adam with his school work (as we speak!). he is almost finish with it now.. its easy peasy, rewrite ten given words three times, then construct ten sentences using the same words. i am surprised at how long it takes me to make up one sentence using the word powerful, fearless, fearful etc.. we have one sentence sounding like this: The Transformers are fearless and small children think that big children are fearful (adam's original idea). his teachers encouraged adam's own ideas instead of mommy's idea of a sentence. i do however, encourage him to critically think for his work by himself. although, ada masa-masa tertentu kalau boleh nak tlg buatkan bagi cepat sikit siap! teaching is patience especially when it comes to tutoring your own children. as usual, when adam has work to do, harris finds work to do too! when adam mengaji iqra', harris immediately says it his turn next! adam keeps me busy but harris adds to my busy-ness :)

my little one is tired now. he is not ready for bed..not in pyjamas, hasn't had a wash. we are meeting his future reception teachers tomorrow at canning street primary. harris is very excited to go to the big school which means being in the same school as adam! (adam didn't answer whenever harris calls him adam instead of abang;p) harris said: mommy, so i sleep tonight, then tomorrow when i wake up, we are going to my new school? his recognition of time is bedtime. we sleep..then we wake up to the next day. how easy is that for a small child like harris to understand eh? so, bedtime: shower, pyjamas, charlie and lola then zzzzzzzz....

bye girls.. luv and shiny sparkles!


  1. ehehe so cute kan anak-anak nie... simple sgt hidup diorg.. tido and wake up next day... xyah pikir benda2 mak nenek nih ekekeke

    ermm memang kena sabar ajar anak-anak. noted utk diri ku juga yg kureng sabar ahahahaha

    strawberry tu dr kebun ko ke tie sungguh menggoda iman.. rasa nak terbang g cameron dan dan ni jugak ekekeke

  2. haah..dari kebun angkat aku kat brockbushes farm nun... aku lupa lak nk describe tpt ni katne hehe.. ko niii...kot ye pun, mana datang la kebun aku harharhar! ni kat corbridge tptnya, not far from my house, dlm 20min drive gitu..

  3. salam. akak mmg tgl d UK ea? dh lama ka tgl sna?