Thursday, 16 June 2011

suamiku bukan seth tan ;p

everyone is still talking about nora elena even after the final episode yesterday.. the character seth tan telah menggoncang hati ramai isteri di luar sana. my facebook is bombarded with continuous and various comments about seth tan and nora elena until... i scooped the 16 episodes out within an hour over the youtube.. simply to track the storyline and to find myself some answers, as to why women in general fell in love with seth tan. his romanticism, his undulant character, how he cared for nora elena despite her unhappiness towards the whole arranged marriage thing-y, everything about seth tan drove us crazy (maybe not all of us but i could assure you that 99% of my FB friends are very much overwhelmed by seth tan ;). not to mention, aaron aziz in personal can be categorized as someone extremely good looking (oklah...aaron aziz hemsem oke...happy girls?) very well suited for his career as model/actor... dengan watak seth tan, rupa paras yang digilai ramai... you get the 2 in 1 watching nora elena..

but, my husband is no seth tan. although when asked why did he marry a petite me albeit his tall figure, he said..senang nak dukung sok kalau nak naik tangge...hukhuk... tak pernah lagilah dia buat cam seth tan tu dukung nora elena naik tangge. yup! i am no nora elena too..just, simplyme. i don't do flowers...although i love them. so when its my fancy presents or gifts or big cakes...when asked wheres my birthday pressie... he said...tu yang hero dua orang tu ;p..i will be like alaaa.... tu adam harris. and then his smiles, his gaze simply erased the thought of birthday presents but instead, i thought of how lovely it was having cuddled our babies when they were newborn..with my husband on my side, a proud man, a proud father, an endless love from someone i could call my husband.

i am not sure if my husband could take the same menu everyday? could yours do? seth tan did...yaaa... he sooo did and very patiently makan nasi goreng setiap hari. i still cook even when i am angry (although mesti rasa tak berapa sedap lah!) but still... thats my way of cooling down, releasing my stress at work, something that i love to do for my family especially for evening meals. i've never had my husband called my parents to cook asam pedas or any other meals for him. i am always the one who will have to try new recipes.. and his constructive comments certainly have improved my cooking skills over the years of our marriage..(8 years if you are wondering ;p). i cook nothing fancy.. but, mainly his favourite dishes which eventually became our family's favourite. in my humble opinion, it is rather important for most wives to try and cook their husband's favourite dishes themselves.. for a busy careerwoman to prepare family meals at least once or twice a week as you'll never know..someday, how your no seth tan husband would answer to your curiosity..abang makan hari ni sedap tak? and he said... you masak memang selalu sedap (comments dated 16th june 2011, dinner time, menu tomato rice, lamb curry, stir fried veg).. me rasa nak menangis bile my no seth tan husband jawab cenggini taw taw.. as, its not like nora elena who gets compliments and undivided attentions and flowers almost everyday..but sincerity and appreciation are priceless... especially when they come from your husband, your very best friend..

nevertheless girls.. this is neither a comparison between our beloved husband to seth tan nor ourselves to nora elena. we may watch sooo many movies, films, dramas featuring characters such as seth tan..the dream husband. sekadar suka-suka tak salah kan? but, always remember that suamiku is neither seth tan nor aaron aziz.. we love our husband just the way they love us.. we do what we are supposed to do as wives and vice versa. romantics, flowers, dukung angkat naik tangge, suapkan makan are no measures for sincere love. some of us are very lucky to have the perfect seth tan in their lives ( i know some of my friends do have really caring and romantic hubs) but to those with the suamiku bukan seth tan... sekali sekala suami puji rasa sangat-sangat dihargai dan amat-amat bermakna kan kan?

till my next ramblings.. lots of luv and shiny sparkles! muahs!

beautiful rainbow on a late wednesday evening
my kitchen view...adam is having fun in our garden
the legendary lamb curry ;)


  1. tapi itu seth tan memang sangat gojes kan.. hehehe.. kami adda seorang seth tan di kem. hehehe...

  2. erm...i am not aaron aziz's fan..