Tuesday, 14 June 2011

fractal theory

after my sixth month in newcastle university..i've learnt that my supervisor says only the keyword to my research. the rest is up to me to find out, to dig, to explore with all my beings. i am saying that i like his way of not interpreting things directly for me..which essentially allows plenty room for my creativity to grow over the course of my phd studies here. in the previous meeting, he said similarity index vs time. and he sketched the final graph that i should be getting. the questions to that was...how do i obtain the indices from the complex-looking bacterial clusters? however, i tend not to leave any missions hanging for more than 24 hours. so i worked really hard to find the right answers to make sure that my supervisor will have the expected results on the very next day. phd..as my dear friend kak intan described it; P is for perseverance; H is for hardworking and D is for determination. excellent combination don't you think instead of Perasaan Hasad Dengki? with all my positiveness, alhamdulillah, i was able to send him my answers the very next morning and received a good reply of him saying...this is a great stuff yati. keep it up!

my task yesterday was to explain the so-called fractal theory which was firstly introduced in 1983 by Mandelbrot. had to see someone at Medical School to get some binary images of my samples. theres something about pixels in images that i couldn't quite explain but nevermind.. what interests me was the fractal theory. as 1 to 3 is theoretically classified as good and compact formation of granular sludge, my average fractal dimension was found to be 1.9. i am so far impressed with this result and hopefully to get a response from my supervisor tomorrow morning! wish me luck!!

have you got any interesting theory(ies) to share? ;)

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