Sunday, 12 June 2011


PhD is a long journey. it takes most of your time and occupied almost 3/4 of your life for at least three consecutive years if you are doing it full-time. some of my beautiful married friends who are currently doing their PhD asked me at some point during our gossiping time(s)... whether or not it is wise to get pregnant while reading a PhD. my answer was always... anak-anak adalah rezeki yang Allah telah tentukan untuk kita. bersalah kalau kita menolaknya... but, its never wrong to plan our life and to pray for the best out of everything that we've planned. again, planning is crucial..albeit sesungguhnya perancangan Allah itu Maha Cantik.. untuk semua hambaNya. besides, i told my wifey-PhD-friends.. maybe the best time to have a baby is before you commence your PhD or during your thesis writing or upon your PhD completion. my suggestions are made simply based on my own PLANS and PREFERENCES but nothing else. i am aware that i will be doing lab works which will involve the usage of formamide and the likes for molecular work. in that sense, as PhD is among my top priorities.. it is highly advisable not to conceive until every PhD-formamide and the likes-related works are finished. this makes sense, isn't it? nevertheless.. these are only absolutely definitely my humble personal opinions. we must always be thankful for all the precious things that we have in our life. furthermore, it is important that you take folic acid supplements prior to becoming pregnant :) i've never missed mine when i was pregnant with my boys. also, it is important not to feel stressed out by allowing yourself to enjoy yr growing body (and bump!). most importantly.. enjoy your thesis writing moments with your expected little bundle!


  1. great post indeed..
    thanx for sharing k.yati..
    ntah kenape bergenang plak airmata bace entry ni..

  2. hi syikin! thanks for coming here and i really appreciate yr comment. erm...this is absolutely my personal opinions jek.. as some of my friends ada je dpt baby time peak PhD and they did really well!! k yati maybe tak blh cope with too much stress but they surely did it better than me kan.. kita plan, but Allah knows best :)