Thursday, 9 June 2011

paris day two

it was indeed a beautiful wednesday on our day-two in paris. more and more sightseeing around the city and we took the metro most of the time. bought our three-days metro pass at london st pancras prior to departure..much cheaper for the four of us! went to the football stadium, sacre cour, eiffel tower (from yet another different angle!), moulin rouge and many more as you can see from the pictures. the best things was visiting a small town called monmarte. subhanallah sangat cantik, very petite town i would say. lots of crepes (yummiest with nutella!!) and not forgetting the famous amos macarons! i've been craving for those since i first heard about it on facebook.. well, maybe most of you have already known about macs.. tapi kan, kat uk ni, kat mana nak beli ye? apart from london, does anyone knows? hrmm..

had lunch at a halal restaurant in monmarte. apparently there are large muslim community in paris hence the many halal kebab shops and butchers. di mana-mana ada muslimah bertudung... no wonder hijabs wearing was such a big issue in france sometime ago. anyway, we had so much fun on the day!! how i wish i could have an after-work picnic at the foot of the eiffel tower in every summer !!! would be awesome kan?

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