Tuesday, 9 August 2011

broken hearted

assalamualaikum wbt...

just a few words today...
i feel so sad..
its been a long time since i last shed a tear
when outside it is not raining
this sorrow fills my heart without fear
oh Allah..
please bestow me with your guidance
for whatever happens
i pray that i would be enlightened
to get through the rough..
to pass above the patches
for i am only small...
now that my heart is  broken
leaving every bits of me shaken
for he who utters the words...
even the swords would not kill
already i feel dead...
but for you i survived..
dear children..without you i might have been lost...


  1. haiiii...

    awat entry sedih nie... sapa bg kawanku heart broken ????

  2. huhu.. jom, jom stori mori moning glori ngan gua..

  3. hi noya, tq for yr concern..dah ok dah, biasalaa storm in a teacup jek..hahaha... once aku masuk dapur semua jadi okay :)

    cik faez: eh, sy dah pegi blog awaklaa!