Tuesday, 23 August 2011

PhD mini updates...

assalamualaikum wbt..

i went to uni today, Alhamdulillah. having had the most laziest day yesterday, what struck me most was how did i spent one whole day doing absolutely nothing productive..at all!? what a dreadful day i had. but really luckily i recovered from my so-called doom days... even though i was absolutely positive about recovering a lot sooner than yesterday.. i couldn't think properly yet until things had settled down...whatever this meant. i am facing one of those phases where everything simply annoys me so much so i wanted to run away from everything. i am just glad that this feelings doesn't stay long... i am positively recovering and calculating my best days ahead :)

my sv is due to come back to newcastle on 5th september. he is currently away in MIT for other commitments. alhamdulillah... despite my small efforts..my thesis has progressed to chapter 5, leaving another chapter to work on. i didn't feel like i have been working very hard for the writing part, nevertheless..here i am on my final chapter! i find that i can't simply write at anytime (although i really wish i could!).. as thesis writing requires some sort of calmness, serenity, ideal surroundings etc etc.. if you know what i mean ;) otherwise, i would ended up with zero outcome and that will drive me absolutely crazy. not to mention i get  strenuously stressed over even the smallest things when my writing updates doesn't get to my daily writing expectations..however, alhamdulillah...in this holy month of Ramadhan..everything seems smooth and a lot easier.. my co-sv is flying to paris, bringing along my four chapters with her. my final two chapters are due to be submitted to my main sv. insyaAllah, he will have them by the end of august...

to any phd candidates who might have bumped to this space of mine... all the very best to us! be happy and enjoy our phd life!

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