Thursday, 25 August 2011

september in vienna...

wednesdays have been my days off since my youngest started nursery school here. they have parents meetings and activities held at the nursery every wednesday. hence, today.. my daily routine begins at slightly after 10am...even now when it is the school holidays. the boys wanted to play with their newly bought i let them play for almost an hour in our back their pyjamas, after breakfast. i watched them play from my kitchen window while at the same time..washing the dishes. alhamdulillah, they are both very well and healthy.. with the usual, normal everyday brotherly fights over whos winning what games and whos water-guns are you holding i think its mine and stop doing that it hurts!! they drive me crazy sometimes but without them my house feels really empty! i hate it being too neat or too quiet.

my vienna trip in september has been booked. so, it is official. my first alone trip to europe. the farthest i had done was london which was march earlier this year for two nights. have never expected this but i am looking forward to test my travelling alone capasities (read: without my mobile gps aka my husband and two young boys in tow). but this time i am going for five nights. five nights away from my boys and having to stay in the same room with strangers-but-also-future-new-friends. i am sure that i will be fine (actually, pretty sure not surely sure) assured though that my husband, he really believe that i can do this alone. he can't come because the boys will be at school and he has to be in school himself and its lots of money and besides i will be working for five days and so whats the point him and the kids coming along? therefore, Yang... lets save the money for something else like go somewhere when you are not working (so he could have me all to himself and the kids, i suppose) and when we are all not at school and we will have fabulous time touring european cities together. he also specifically said...i certainly can't handle the boys by myself should i wanted to go to germany from vienna. its a long trip! thats why somebody wrote a book entitled man comes from mars and woman comes from venus! if i had a (good) babysitter or a (good) nanny.. the boys are definitely coming with me to vienna be it the school holidays or not! but, nevermind, i am a big big a big big world.. somebody sang sometime ago ;p... so, my spirit now is vienna, here i come!!!!!

i have started packing my books and my magazines today. theya are safely tucked away in boxes at the corner of my bedroom. i am going to sort my clothes tomorrow. i must label the souvenirs otherwise i'll forget whose who. i also need to print out boxes labels... and buy bubble wrappers and tapes from ebay. i must do that tomorrow.

i am in a happy and chirpy mode. i can do this. i function better when i feel better about myself. how about you?

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