Friday, 5 August 2011

puding sagu kekasih hati!

assalamulaikum wbt..
owh! letih betul semalam tak sempat update my space ni. i was so very tired but i don't know why. ended up tarawikh at home instead of going to the mosque. makan banyak sangat kah waktu berbuka? hrrmm...could be ;p. anyway, tak tau nak masak entree apa semalam and ended up with puding sagu. alhamdulillah, jadi! takut jugak sbb tak pernah buat puding sagu walhal mudah aje resepinya. i browsed too many recipes the day before and finally settled down with my own creation plus modifications, saya namakan puding sagu ni puding sagu kekasih hati!!

my husband requested lemak cili padi perut bersama rebung and pajeri terung. i made sambal belacan to complete everything. dapat pulak semalam saya beli red radishes at only 50 pence a bunch!! so, berulamkan radish laa sambal belacanku itu :) sedap sangat!! made some more pizza roti bun (sebab sayang sgt2 takut bun tu rosak sbb dah almost seminggu kat my pantry). husband bought some strawberries for very cheap at only 2 pounds for two punnets so had them as well as the dates. enjoy my pictures. seronok update blog dengan juadah Ramadhan ni. at least i know what i have been cooking throughout this holy month and hopefully this will be an inspiration for us to cook our own meals simply because, we are what we eat!

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