Saturday, 6 August 2011

cheesy mushroom and chicken pastry.

assalamualaikum wbt..

it has been raining heavily in newcastle since morning till doesn't feel cold despite the rain though, yet really cosy feeling inside the house. tak terasa seperti berpuasa in summer, that is.
bought a few activity books for the boys for half price at WHSmith yesterday. tak tau aktiviti apa nak buat selain watching TV, PSP or playing games on my laptop. my youngest was as usual ecstatic at the sight of books but my eldest..hrmm..biasa2 jek. he is still at the moment highly electronically influenced! haha...
came home from work to a tidy kitchen, washed laundry, tidied living room so thanks to my dear husband :) you complete me acewah!!! so, tidy kitchen means lots of cooking to be done, boleh? i've been eyeing this recipe from other bloggers all around the virtual-world. memang teringin sgt2 nak cuba buat (with the help of ready rolled puff pastry of course). i made the filling according to my desired taste. minced chicken, fresh mushrooms, petit pois, tomato and 4 cheeses. simply roll the puff pastry, put the filling and roll it into a cylindrical shape.. tadaa!!! tak sabar nak bukak puasa (which is in about another hour hukhuk). i also made popia goreng with taugeh, grated carrot and minced chicken, all spiced with a little bit of sesame oil. gagah2 popiaku... tak lemah lembut pulak kak limah menggulungnya tadi ;p. happy breakfasting!

ps: i am officially back to my desk at uni twice a week. next milestone: settleability paper :)

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