Monday, 3 October 2011


Awaiting connecting flight to Newcastle upon tyne at terminal 5 heathrow. 

So I have been away from home for 5 days and Vienna has been fantastic! For some who doesn’t know, the IWA-YWP stands for the International Water Asscoation-Young Water Professional in which I pitched in as the YWP representative for the Asia and Pacific Region alongside my colleague from the Philippines. Rest assured that for the next 12 months to come, there are certainly a huge amount of commitment to be dedicated towards the realisation of our YWP committee’s agendas that have been actively debated and discussed during the 2-days meeting in Vienna. The YWP International committee gathered young professionals from all over the world such asUganda, Zimbabwe, Canada, Hungary, South Africa, Philippines, Mexico, Finland and New Zealand…There were 13 of us in Vienna: dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic young professionals who has allocated our time and energy to make this very first committee meeting a success. Everyone was incredibly sensational and prodigiously energetic during the meeting which went for a solid 2-days from 9am till 630pm… At the end of the day, we were tired and really exhausted but the satisfaction is so much overwhelming that tiredness is almost becoming underrated at some point. Furthermore, what could be better than an extremely nice 3-course dinner at various famous restaurants in Naschmarkt to sum up the evening with, complimented with an extremely gorgeous waistline threatening desserts everytime. 

As the week proceeded, we were no longer strangers to each other. I sensed that everyone was very much at ease and we simply enjoyed the company that each of us offered to one another. You know, a great company and sincerity spell budding friendship. As everyone comes with different backgrounds and experiences, I found that I am becoming interestingly absorbed to the idea of combining academics with a stretch of interesting proximities that are neatly outlined within the water sector. Vienna was a very rewarding experience. Although this committee are constituted of young people with various differences, I think that I was equipped with the most important tool to perceive that differences actually attracts. Being different is good and it can be very interesting at the same time. It is a matter of principles to link differences between one culture to another. I think I came equipped with not only the right amount of open-mindedness but also a relevantly strong belief and principles to blend myself in within the new young family of YWP. I am always amazed at how friendly and talkative I could be among newly acquainted friends… (I probably did reveal the other side of me which is legitimately humorous and profoundly hilarious sometimes) but that doesn’t really matters anymore. What more important is, the ability to click and connect with other people to create that much desired connection to make things work! Alhamdulillah, I did what I am supposed to do, and I take everyday as easily as I could… only that sometimes, my positive-ness is irrelevantly placed but no one is amicably perfect in every aspects of their life, right? 

I’ve met such incredible people who are lovely to be working with for the next at least 12 months to come (or probably more) and nothing beats an extremely good adaptation to the different culture and beliefs when you are readily armed with your very own strong religion and principles. Till my next ramblings..have a nice day everyone :) lots of luv and shiny sparkles!!

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  1. salam singgah.
    doa buat kamu, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan..dan ya ampun!..makanannya, aduh!...enak bangat!... :)