Wednesday, 21 September 2011

vienna day one

alhamdulillah, safely arrived at wombats hostel vienna via U4 to Kettenbruckengasse. arrived heathrow terminal 3 from newcastle and took expressheathrow to terminal 5 fro international departure. free of charge between terminals so i like! little did i know that terminal 5 is closed for check-ins after 10pm. therefore, an empty...slightly dark and utter quietness awaits me!! takutlah jugak sbb plan nak tidur kat airport je last night while waiting for my morning flight to vienna. sambil tercangak-cangak tu one lady ni kindly asked me, are you lost? i answered with a question of is there anywhere to sleep? like benches and somewhere not this dark and quiet? she showed me the right place (which is upstairs) benches perfect location opposite the pret a manger. and kat situ ada pakcik2 dah tidurrr lenaaa dah, i get 4 seats to myself and terus x ingat apa2 tired.siap ada couple tidur peluk2 lagi on the floor.. i mean takle sejuk kan hahaha...

bought a book at wh smith i don't know how she does it yg tgh major film with sjp tu..and off to gate 24c for ba700 to vienna. normally, my husband would do the check-ins and lead us all for boarding etc. it felt awkward doing everything by myself today... luckily the flight was fine and i was fine too :) vienna welcomes me to their friendly and helpful airport staff. took the city airport train (CAT) returns from the airport to wien mitte/landstrabe then took the U4 to the hostel. a rather straightforward journey.

i was 2nd who arrived in our 4-bed shared room. my president must have arrived earlier today. made my bed (like a proper hostel gitu, had to make yr own bed using the provided bed sheets, pillow case and duvet cover...), showered and changed. then here i am!! at wombats lounge with free wifi for 24hrs. glad i brought my laptop along (i need it for the meeting anyway..) bolehlaa chat via fb with my lovely yg tgh kat opis tu ;) this is a very-very nice hostel. very simple and basic but yet very clean and the ambience is very much welcoming. siap ada sofabed kat lounge boleh internet sambil baring2 youu!!

my meeting starts with the committee welcoming dinner tonite. can't wait to meet everyone! till later lots of luv and shiny sparkles!!!

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