Tuesday, 20 September 2011

solo trip to vienna

solo trip to vienna in less than 24hrs...
at bedtime last night

harris: mommy...(sambil usap2 rambut mommy).. i want to hug u kuat2 so tomorrow morning u can't leave me alone in the house and go to vienna
me: i will not because my flight is night time then i will sleep at the airport
harris: but mommy, u cannot sleep kat airport later u will miss your aeroplane when u wake up! (and peluk2 mommy kuat2 lagi)
me: hrrmm..thats a good reminder but i will not forget to wake up okay..u remember before sleep baca doa with daddy, and suruh daddy baca the littlest owl (his fav story at the moment)...then baca bismillah...
harris: but, abang x baca doa! dia x buat pun.. harris x ingat..
me: daddy ingat... will u miss mommy tak? banyak ke tak banyak?
harris: miss mommy banyak2... (and peluk mommy kuat2..but tgh2 ada teddy bear yg kepala dia koyak sikit tp diorang taruk salotape ;) i know, my boy ada teddy but thats my way to nurture his caring feelings sbb dia ganas suka gigit abang adam.. and sometimes bully him...
harris: now, i want to remember your face...(still playing with mommy's hair but looking straight at my face)..huwaaa 5 days uols 5 days!! ahkak rase mcm 5 thn jek! (tau...ramai jek yg pegi berbulan2 rilekkk jek kan but thats u not me!)mommy, can i sleep now sbb harris dh ngantuk sgt.. u wake me up tomorrow ok?
me: ok.. i love you again and again.. banyak2... esok mommy dtg fetch harris and kita ada school dinner dgn teacher at 1130am ok.. (kiss2 harris banyak2 kali.. korang bosan kalau tgk... )

apapun, kasih ibu tiada duanya.. i will miss them lots! doakan perjalanan i selamat pergi dan balik insyaAllah... thanks to my sweetheart sbb so far, he had done the best for the boys when i am at work and at uni.. hari ni, i balik mcm selalu..dapur kemas! not a single dirty dish in my sink! will have a nice day tomorrow and looking forward to my 1st professional trip to austria.. hope its not too cold!!

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