Monday, 19 December 2011

mini mini updates on my PhD

some of my great friends have been officially declared as PhD holders recently. congratulations to DR KSchilling, DR FDahalan, DR AZamyadi and many others. I pray... that one fine day would be mine too insyaAllah in the near future. defending your thesis is prime but editing it is another. i wouldn't say it is difficult to edit and write a 250 pages of report concerning your research findings. i would however define thesis editing as a one small job that should be conducted in the most fun manner! have fun while juggling your thesis writing with a spiderman-imitates by your side (read: my youngest son ;p). this evening at my office, i managed to write half a sentence + answered hundreds of questions from my youngest i.e. mommy, will you be able to take my bullet..its down under your book cupboard; mommy, have you got any food in your office as i feel hungry now; mommy, why the rain hasn't stop yet?; mommy, you know adam wants some racing car and i forgot the rest; mommy...mommy... so i can't focus on my thesis. it is obviously the school holidays here and my youngest DEMANDED him to be fetched earlier than his usual time, and he NAGS me all day about him not having to nap at nursery simply because he doesn't want to, and he WANTS fish and chips for lunch NOT rice and some chicken dishes, and he PROMISED to be with his daddy throughout his combined office hour with us BUT instead reprimanded an hour or two with me instead.

my dateline is tomorrow morning and despite having my lists well ticked ahead of time, mistakes are bound to happen in my edited thesis!! and they are the last minute of prime importance additional work that needed doing by today but certainly NOT with my spidey-son around yes? no? NO! and he made me PROMISE to cook him spaghetti for dinner... so, here i am with emerging eyebags not able to sleep on my last minute minor spelling corrections or missing figures *sigh*. while my spidey-son is fast asleep after a series of harsh bedtime warnings and a crying and a hug and hugssss and kisses and everything elses in between that calls for a bedtime war. so, before i end my mini mini PhD quest tonight i would love to be reminded of my own quotes in my facebook recently just so i would always remember my PhD the way i love to remember it :) 

PhD doers, PhD is a fun process if you don't take it too seriously. make PhD a good life to live in.. it is like a rental accommodation that you wanted to live in for at least 3 years. PhD takes time so be sure to not only spend but also appreciate time. PhD can be stressful sometimes so make sure that you have a circle of motivated, highly positive thinking friends around you, and if you don't have any, be sure to feel highly motivated and positive YOURSELF! PhD can be competitive sometimes, make sure that you avoid all the negative drivers i.e. avoid feeling envious to your colleague's achievements, but challenge yourself to do better everyday; smile to critics and take it positively; DO NOT procrastinate; don't be afraid to learn from your friends as we do not know everything we are all learners etc.

who is slimmer? the tower or ME? ;p
 lots of love and shiny sparkles from mommy to adam and harris... i love you so much to the moon and back...


  1. kyati..i'm folowing you!!!...I'm struggling at the moment too with the 'laziness' 'dreaming' at this very critical moment...

  2. eheheeh teringat2 perangai si haris last week... soo comel ur spider-boy ;)