Tuesday, 20 December 2011


avoid skepticism when reading about romanticism. when you are on the verge of overpowering scrutiny love most of the time saves you from acknowledging nothing but good things that has happened to you. it is blind.. love that is. this is mainly how i personally feel about what love actually is:

love makes me cry...
expect monsoon and lots of heavy showers when i first found out how love could hurt my feelings as if nothing else matters.
as far as i could recall i can't seem to think straight when bad things happen to me concerning love.
i cried a lot for silly reasons and seriously some things are not worth crying for.

love has its own mind...
that i sometimes lose control of my own.
i tend to do crazy things.
i didn't listen to anyone.
i was in a bad shape.

love has to be...
when he kisses you passionately
when he puts your coat away for you
when he carries you to bed
when he doesn't get you anything but roses on your special day
when he will always be there for you
when he will always be there for you....no matter what
when he hugs you and tells you how much he loves you
and you could simply see the truth in his eyes

love is...
watching the sunset
dancing in the rain
a kiss on the forehead
holding hands...


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