Wednesday, 21 December 2011

cabut gigi aka tooth extraction

alhamdulillah finally, adam's wobbly top front tooth was successfully extracted by amim's dentist yesterday evening. it has been wobbly for soooo long since we were back from newcastle and yesterday, adik dia hentam gigi tu dengan bola..until it bleeds but half intact to the gum. wobblier..if there's such a word to describe it. i decided to bring him to amim as i do not have the guts to extract the tooth myself. i remember that my dad used to use some thick thread to pull my tooth out masa kecik-kecik dulu. hrrmmm... and i could also recall myself being super-emo everytime i went to the dentist as a child. luckily, both my sons love to see the dentist maybe because i used to bring them to kingswalk  since they were 6 mths old..sbb after bwk jumpa dentist tu, their yellow babycare book will get a stamp on the dental sections :) i love to get stamps! hahaha boley?

which reminds me of the years that i've spent as a wife and a mom. kalau tgk gambar dulu2 masa adam kecik owh i sooo miss his babyhood and toddler moments. he was such a good baby, such a good toddler.. takde ganas2 terbang sana sini ok. also thats how he grows up until now.. rubs my back when he knows that i am tired or not in the mood etc. smiles to me whenever our eyes meet..thats my eldest son.

i don't know what gets into me this morning but i hope i can work from home today ;p... although the motivation is not the same as in working from my office but its okay. at least its not raining and i've already put my yesterday's washing in the drier..not bothered to put them back on the line.. be motivated, be hardworking because that's the key to everything and be smart. be grateful for today and be kind to yourself and everybody. lots of love and shiny sparkles may you have a PRODUCTIVE tuesday ok :)

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