Friday, 20 July 2012

10 weeks and whatnots

alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah sebab yang dinanti-nantikan Dia kurniakan pada masa terbaik seperti yang didoakan. sebaik PhD thesis lulus dalam mesyuarat senat Jun lepas, i was positively 6-7 weeks expecting!! i found out that i am pregnant at my office on 16th june... as i can't wait to bring the test kit home lol!! what with the moving house and final thesis submission, i didn't expect to be expecting this soon. as this is my 3rd child and  being pregnant in malaysia is totally different. i know, poyo sangat statement kan? macamlah orang lain takde mengandung or bersalin abroad kan? but seriously, mmg berbeza pengalaman mengandung kali ni, dengan morning sickness yang tak berapa nak sickness apart from semua makanan adalah tak sedap... hatta air masak kosong pun rasa pahit.. apekah??? i miss newcastle so so much that i even plan to pay a quick visit this august. just for the sake of costa hot chocolate, some m&s salads, some baked potatoes and meeting friends... dah dah, korang tak payah mengata mengumpat macam2 especially bulan2 ramadhan bermula esok kan...hahaha...

anyway, i am almost 10 weeks now and i am starting to feel a lot better. i could have rice for lunch and i plan to fix dinner for my children tonight. although, i tend not to be berlemah lembut and soft spoken and whatnots while thriving myself through this challenging first trimester, i am still myself deep deep inside ;p (sbb my husband the other day was speaking of an old lady professor who speaks so softly and she was all smiles yadda yadda yadda....) blame me for my hormonal subject matters!

we moved to our new house on 2nd july. it was beautiful moving to your own family home... my children are extremely happy having that extra space to play etc.. i am yet to officiate my bosch double oven but hopefully in full spirit to cook yummieicious newcastle meals during this ramadhan. just the way i used to do during our stay in newcastle...

and for this post... Ramadhan Kareem to you my Muslim readers just wherever you are. peace!

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