Saturday, 3 November 2012

it has been a while...

i always remember the existence of "the other side of me" here but the courage to pen something everyday was almost gone. glad that i am having a smooth-sailing pregnancy into my 26th-week! amazed at how time flies especially it is now already november!!

i am so in love with my growing bump.. my sons kiss my tummy everyday and i can't help but feel happiest to attend my youngest son's curiosities over my pregnancy. what would it be like when the baby is born, mommy? will he climb places? will he crawl and kiss me? will he do this and that and the questions were never-ending... made me smile everytime :) he was sooo into the new baby and we had the 4D baby scan and all, already, i think the baby resembles my youngest son a lot!

did my baby shopping at various places. bought few essentials and the rest would have to wait until the baby comes in february.

i promise that i will come back sooner than you thought! but for now i am off to prepare for my morning trip tomorrow!! till later, lots of love and shiny sparkles!!

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