Thursday, 14 February 2013

mini revision

i know that it's going to be quite a while before kareem begins his weaning process which is in about 5 months time, but i can't help to peek a little in the new complete baby and toddler meal planner by annabel karmel. this book is 9 years old now in my possession. bought it at a car boot sales when i was in newcastle... and i even showed it to sarah james, my health visitor back then. during that memorable years in newcastle, sarah was my saviour! she gave me all the best tricks and tips on how to care for my eldest newborn adam including his weaning process. 

this book contains 5 chapters. in chapter 1, it tells you what are the best first foods for your baby. so this is the chapter that i am currently reading and revising. what to give and not to give your baby during the first stage of their weaning process. what i love about this book is it tells you how to prepare and cook your baby foods. the best thing is it has a meal planner attached making it easy for working moms like myself :) i might be posting some baby recipes soon when the time comes for kareem's weaning so stay tuned!

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