Saturday, 9 February 2013

on breastfeeding

Kareem has been a good baby so far, drinking his ebm from bottles. despite having to spend so much time washing up my pump and bottles every 3 hrs, i am thankful and feel very blessed with the priceless opportunity to provide my baby with my own milk. i didn't know any breastfeeding techniques with my first son... didn't know that i could express and keep the milk and i thought without the breast, there's no way feeding my baby with my own milk. owh well... internet was dial-up even in newcastle back in 2003!! information to me was scarce when it comes to breastfeeding... all i know was 6-7 mths fully breastfeed as recommended by WHO. 
with Kareem, i have a full-time job to go back to after 3-months of maternity leave. hence, my office colleagues helped me a lot with expressing, keeping the ebm safe and sound in the freezer then thawing them for feed using bottles. lucky me i bought some avent bottles and pump while i was leaving newcastle a year ago (i know... i was not even pregnant back then!!) haha.... expressing made simple if you know the techniques and synchronize the expressing time with your own body needs. ebm could be kept up to 6 months if you are using a deep freezer... i am so going to get one once i am done with my 30-days confinement! hopefully, insyaAllah i would be able to give Kareem ebm as much and as long as i could...

picture credit to my fellow friend dr namz :)

as you can see, you may keep your ebm at room temperature for up to 4 hrs, in your fridge for up to 48 hrs, and in your freezer for up to 3 mths. if you happen to have a deep freezer, you will be able to keep your ebm for up to 6 mths. simply superb kan?

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