Tuesday, 26 April 2011

mode: romantic!

I was browsing the youtube for no specific reason. Been listening to some jazz by Lisa Ekdahl. Then I came across this video on top 10 romantic films, however showing only 5 out of it in Part 1. I've watched all the films namely:
You've Got Mail
Jerry McGuire
The Notebook
When Harry Met Sally
and Notting Hill
Sadly, they don't do similar movies these days, aite? Hardly find anything that suits my exceptional taste for films. No that I have high taste for films but I crave for something like the above-listed movies..hmm..


  1. kan kan.. takde citer2 comel camni lagi kan. cam citer a walk to remember, 10 things i hate about you, simply irresistible, my best friend's wedding... wah citer zaman skola2 dulu..

  2. exactly what i am looking for but nothing beats you've got mail, notting hill and seangkatan dgnnye..:)