Friday, 9 September 2011

eid celebration in newcastle upon tyne

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Tomorrow is the 10th of Syawal. It has been very quick. The boys finished their first week back at school today. My supervisor is back from MIT following his Dream Scholarship. I am back into harness and sorting out my PhD thesis. My kitchen is 30% packed so I am glad for that. Alhamdulillah... everything seems to fall into place just nicely at the moment and I pray that Allah bestow his blessings upon all of us sebagai hambaNya.

Eid was a special day for all of us. We've had spent our 6th Eid in Newcastle upon Tyne with beloved friends. Everyone cooked special meals on that day. Creating Eid environment for my children at home, I put on the takbir aidilfitri on youtube very early in the morning although the cookings on the night before nevertheless tire me to my bones! Both my boys had an enjoyable day with their little friends. Having had experienced aidilfitri back home in the last two years, my youngest is especially excited to put on his raya outfit everytime we go out, even to the nearby shop ;)

me and my youngest :)
raya di rumah farah atikah
raya di rumah suriana with nurul 
raya di rumah dr elena and dr hariffudin
me with kak elena

 ada few more raya pics..insyaAllah will upload later. till then, jom kita puasa 6 minggu depan?

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